Max 7 Harmonizer Patch

This patch came about through adopting a more bespoke approach to audio processing in an effort to further develop an individual instrumental and compositional voice. Coded in Max 7, the patch uses the gizmo~ object inside an FFT sub-patch to analyse peaks within given FFT bins before moving them along the frequency axis, shifting the sound up or down in pitch. Max 7 makes pitch shifting even easier with the inclusion of separate specific pitch shift objects without the need for a pfft~ shell however I still prefer to use pfft~ sub patches as they allow individual control over the FFT bin resolution.

GTR Harmonizer Patch wBorder

The patch also includes volume envelope control based amplitude threshold detection of the incoming audio signal and four individual delay lines (not shown in the patcher pic) routed to the two stereo output channels in pairs. In addition this post also marks a move towards recording video to document specific elements of the EP project.


Studio Orientation Day

Last week I arranged some time to familiarise myself with the studio’s new 24 channel Solid State Logic 924 analogue/digital hybrid desk (pictured above). The control room also houses some great outboard gear whilst the live rooms play host to two monstrous Matamp valve guitar amps. It was great to get up close with the desk as well as explore the routing possibilities with some of the great outboard gear. I wonder if the rack-mounted unit labelled “Manley Slam” lives up to it’s name?

The brand new SSL analogue/digital hybrid desk

The brand new SSL analogue/digital hybrid desk