Funky Jam at Home

August sees us taking a short break from touring with Jah Wobble. We’ll be back on the road across the UK in mid-September. In the meantime here’s a quick, funky guitar improvisation as part of the “funk jam challenge” which has been doing the rounds this past week. If you fancy joining in you can find the original backing track over at


An Insight Into The Jazz Of Norway

A major inspiration on the direction of this album are a number of jazz musicians originating largely out of Norway. Far from jazz’s original birthplace in the US, these Scandanavian artists draw upon a wide range of influences from traditional modal folk melodies, rock, free improvisation and contemporary classical music. Along with a certain minimalist aesthetic apparent in their work, there are a number of compositional features of particular interest to me including the use of drones, incorporation of synthetic percussion and the use of live electronics to process instrumentation.

This documentary highlights some of the artists currently active within this unique musical community including pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, trumpet player Nils Petter Molvaer and guitarist Eivind Aarset.