Featured on Sound Treatment

Pleased and honoured to be featured on this special compilation album to raise awareness and help prevent the closure of my hometown’s Accident & Emergency department: SOUND TREATMENT features some of the rich and diverse musical talent Huddersfield has to offer and I’m very proud to be counted amongst these fine artists.

 This current crisis is one of the biggest issues our town has ever faced and further reflects a much larger political struggle taking place that sees the rapid destruction and piecemeal dismemberment of the NHS; One of Britain’s finest achievements. All proceeds generated from the album go directly to the ‪#‎HandsOffHRI‬ campaign to help. You can find out more here: http://handsoffhri.org/.


Nimbus Out Today!

Today is the day! Very proud and excited to announce my debut EP Nimbus is out now over at Bandcamp. This past 6 months the album has grown from an individual university project into an important personal and creative statement (pretty much taking over my life in the process!).

I would like to thank everyone involved in helping me make this project a reality, particular my family and friends for all their love and support over the past few months. Also a number of special thanks to certain personnel who’s knowledge and expertise contributed directly to the finished product:

Professor Monty Adkins for all his help and constructive criticism supervising this project, helping me become a better composer and further develop my own musical voice.

Dr. Alex Harker for getting me started on the rollercaoster ride that is creative coding in Max MSP, a daunting world for someone with zero programming experience! Using Max has honestly changed my life and changed the way I write music.

Dr. Philip Thomas for opening up my ears to the exciting world of experimental/contemporary music, raising my awareness and wonder in the sounds that we take for granted every day.

Ian Sanderson for his time and effort taking me step by step through the mastering process. Truly a deep and dark art requiring patience and golden ears!

BandCamp Store Now Live

The new Bandcamp store is now LIVE. The EP will be released first here towards the end of March. In the meantime I didn’t want anyone to leave empty-handed so I’ve made my recent acoustmatic composition Ocean Dream available for stream or download. The piece uses sampled guitar and water sounds cross-processed many times using a variety of audio manipulation software.

What follows is a brief extract from the original program note: The initial inspiration for the piece came from dreamstates. During REM sleep the brain’s activity increases to levels similar to that of being awake. We experience a variety of sensory information we interpret as dreams. During these dreamstates locations and memories from our past are recalled with crystal clarity. People and places collide, merge and transform in surprising and frequently unexpected ways…