Featured on Sound Treatment

Pleased and honoured to be featured on this special compilation album to raise awareness and help prevent the closure of my hometown’s Accident & Emergency department: SOUND TREATMENT features some of the rich and diverse musical talent Huddersfield has to offer and I’m very proud to be counted amongst these fine artists.

 This current crisis is one of the biggest issues our town has ever faced and further reflects a much larger political struggle taking place that sees the rapid destruction and piecemeal dismemberment of the NHS; One of Britain’s finest achievements. All proceeds generated from the album go directly to the ‪#‎HandsOffHRI‬ campaign to help. You can find out more here: http://handsoffhri.org/.


Studio Orientation Day

Last week I arranged some time to familiarise myself with the studio’s new 24 channel Solid State Logic 924 analogue/digital hybrid desk (pictured above). The control room also houses some great outboard gear whilst the live rooms play host to two monstrous Matamp valve guitar amps. It was great to get up close with the desk as well as explore the routing possibilities with some of the great outboard gear. I wonder if the rack-mounted unit labelled “Manley Slam” lives up to it’s name?

The brand new SSL analogue/digital hybrid desk

The brand new SSL analogue/digital hybrid desk